This book is a series of curated essays by high-profile architecture and design leaders and educators on the topic of professionalism. The book first sets out the current agenda - defining professionalism for the architecture sector - before moving on to focus on delivering the increased professional skills curriculum content within architecture schools as set by the RIBA. With an introduction and conclusion by the Editors, this book explores what contemporary professionalism within architecture is, and its future, encouraging the current and future profession to address professionalism across the industry.  

1. Visible and Invisible Diversities  2. Live Project/Designbuild Education  3. Next Generation Architects  4. Holding onto Ethics  5. Employee Ownership – A Model for Practice  6. Reengaging Education and the Profession  7. Shaping the City on a Mega Scale  8. Making Money Isn’t Dirty, It’s Professional  9. On the Journey of Promoting Professionalism  10. Small Is Powerful  11. Leading, Managing and Mentoring the Profession  12. Professional Liability Claims  13. Embedding the PhD Within Architects’ Practice  14. The Impact of Choice of Procurement on Outcome  15. The Pursuit of Quality  16. The New Architectural “Profession”  17. Architecture: A Convergence of Tragedies  18. Being a Professional, Being Professional  19. Over-professionalisation: A Point of View  20. Architects as Public-Health Professionals  21. Professional Diversity and Specialism  22. The Apprentice Professional  23. Professionalism - Consistency Across Role Diversity  24. The Business of Architecture  25. Professional Identities  26. Mentoring the Future Profession  27. Professionalism: The Future for Architects entering the Profession  28. Professionalism Beyond Borders  29. Architecture is in Breach of the Social Contract  30. Professionalism and Automation  31. Metamorphosis: Thoughts on Emerging into a World of Professionalism  32. Embedding Professionalism in Architectural Education  33. Developing a Professional Business  34. Prudent Practice  35. Why Engaging with Procurement is Fundamental  36. From Idea to Realisation  37. Can We Afford Not to Collaborate?  38. Theory and Profession  39. Encouraging the Profession  40. Clients Want Professionalism  41. Becoming Professional  42. The Value of Sustainable Design to, the Profession  43. Three Pillars of Professionalism  44. Preparation for Practice  45. A Manifesto for Academia with Practice  46. Architecture’s Ethical Function  47. Building Performance Evaluation  48. Professionalism Across Disciplinary Boundaries  49. Architecture Live Projects  50. Linger Longer  51. Status and Statutes