This book, first published in 1984, analyses the various ways in which sci-tech libraries are meeting the needs of end-users in an era of fast-growing technical literature and increasingly complex tools and products used for the retrieval of information.



Serving End-Users in Sci-Tech Libraries
Edited ByEllis Mount

chapter |16 pages

Database Development and End-User Searching: Exxon Research and Engineering Company

ByR. S. Lescohier, M. A. Lavin, M. K. Landsberg

chapter |16 pages

Teaching University Student End-Users about Online Searching

BySandra N. Ward, Laura M. Osegueda

chapter |14 pages

American Petroleum Institute’s Machine-Aided Indexing and Searching Project

ByE. H. Brenner, J. H. Lucey, C. L. Martinez, Adel Meleka

chapter |22 pages

New Reference Works In Science And Technology

Edited ByRobert G. Krupp

chapter |4 pages

Sci-Tech Online

Edited ByEllen Nagle

chapter |6 pages

Sci-Tech In Review

BySuzanne Fedunok

chapter |2 pages

Sci-Tech Collections

Edited ByTony Stankus