This book, first published in 1984, is an effective guide to help librarians develop a more systematic and effective approach to dealing with overdues. The editors present statistical data on overdues, as well as successful tactics employed by various libraries to combat the persistent problem of overdue materials.

chapter |4 pages


ByPatsy Hansel, Robert Burgin

chapter |14 pages

More Hard Facts on Overdues

ByRobert Burgin, Patsy Hansel

chapter |12 pages

Novel Approaches to Overdues or the Ones Who Borrow and the Ones Who Lend 1

ByKathleen Moeller-Peiffer

chapter |10 pages

Dealing with Defaulters

ByArt Goetz

chapter |6 pages

Baltimore County Public Library and the Delinquent Borrower

ByMarilyn Murray

chapter |10 pages

Three Libraries and Overdues Law

ByPatsy Hansel

chapter |10 pages

Overdues and Academic Libraries: Matters of Access and Collection Control

ByJean Walter Farrington

chapter |6 pages

Outfoxing Overdues in the Hospital Library

ByPatty Powell

chapter |8 pages

Managing Overdues in the School Library

ByWilma H. Bates

chapter |6 pages

Overdues Procedures Using a Microcomputer

ByWillie Nelms

chapter |8 pages

The Fines—No Fines Debate

ByBarbara Anderson

chapter |10 pages

Overdues and the Library’s Image

ByBarbara Anderson

chapter |8 pages

Overdues: A Bibliography

ByTerry Bossley