While global attention has been focused on other regional issues, such as China-US tensions and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, little attention has been paid to Taiwan. Yet the so-called Taiwan issue, namely the continued separation of the island from mainland China, remains a major regional security challenge that could potentially spark direct conflict involving the USA, China and Japan, the three largest economies in the world, two of which are nuclear powers. Although Taiwan has continued to find opportunities to maintain the current status quo despite a deteriorating geo-strategic environment as a result of the rise of China and the uncertainties of the Trump Administration, its room for manoeuvre continues to narrow. This volume examines the challenges and evaluates the prospects for preventing conflict on the Taiwan Strait, by focusing on the political conditions that Taiwan faces internally and externally.

chapter 1|11 pages

Reconsidering Taiwan’s future in a more contested East Asia

ByBenjamin Schreer, Andrew T. H. Tan

chapter 2|16 pages

The Taiwan issue and small state survival

ByAndrew T. H. Tan

chapter 3|15 pages

Taiwan’s domestic dynamics and foreign policy

ByJ. Michael Cole

chapter 4|15 pages

Taiwan and the great powers

ByAndrea Benvenuti

chapter 5|15 pages

The Taiwan issue: tracing 70 years of Taiwan-China relations

ByRoger Lee Huang, Andrew T. H. Tan

chapter 6|17 pages

Taiwan-China relations: asymmetric trust and Innenpolitik

ByWen-Ti Sung

chapter 8|16 pages

Taiwan and the United States

ByAndrew T. H. Tan

chapter 9|15 pages

New dynamics in Taiwan-Japan relations

ByBenjamin Schreer, Andrew T. H. Tan

chapter 10|18 pages

Taiwan’s foreign policy

BySheryn Lee

chapter 11|17 pages

Taiwan’s armed forces: development and prospects

ByShang-Su Wu

chapter 12|17 pages

Defending Taiwan against China

ByYves-Heng Lim

chapter 13|19 pages

Thinking about how to forge lasting peace in the Taiwan Strait

ByDerek Grossman

chapter 14|17 pages

Reassessing Taiwan’s strategic future

ByBenjamin Schreer