This reader is intended to fill the urgent need for up-to-date materials on the Gorbachev era and to provide scholars and students with source materials and interpretations not available in standard texts. In addition, the book will be regularly revised and updated to take account of rapidly changing events. Alexander Dallin and Gail Lapidus have brought together outstanding Western analyses, as well as Soviet documents and commentary, dealing with developments in the USSR's politics, economy, society, culture, and foreign policy since 1985. The collection covers the full spectrum of views—skeptical and enthusiastic, ideological and pragmatic—offered by journalists, politicians, observers, and participants. Introductory and concluding material by the editors provides the essential context to help students understand the myriad opinions put forth on the vast changes in the USSR and where its future may lie.

part 1|8 pages


chapter 1|6 pages

The Setting: An Introduction

ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

part 2|85 pages

The Roots of Perestroika

chapter 2|5 pages

A Usable Past

ByS. Frederick Starr

chapter 3|12 pages

The Communist System

ByRichard Pipes

chapter 5|27 pages

Politics Before Gorbachev: De-Stalinization and the Roots of Reform

ByPeter Hauslohner

chapter 7|6 pages

Letter to the Soviet Leaders, March 19, 1970

ByAndrei Sakharov, Roy Medvedev, Valery Turchin

part 3|156 pages

Reform and the Political and Social System

chapter 10|14 pages

Political Change in the Soviet Union

ByArchie Brown

chapter 12|10 pages

Voluntary Associations in Gorbachev's Reform Program

ByVictoria E. Bonnell

chapter 13|13 pages

The Emergence of Russian Multiparty Politics

ByAleksandr Meerovich

chapter 14|4 pages

The Workers' Movement: A New Stage

ByLeonid Gordon, Eduard Klopov

chapter 15|32 pages

Evaluating Gorbachev as Leader

ByGeorge W. Breslauer

chapter 16|14 pages

The Quality of Gorbachev's Leadership

ByPeter Reddaway

chapter 17|27 pages

Gorbachev's Endgame

ByJerry F. Hough

part 4|111 pages

Soviet Political Debates

chapter 18|17 pages

Glasnost' and Soviet Culture

ByJosephine Woll

chapter 19|21 pages

Politics and History Under Gorbachev

ByThomas Sherlock

chapter 20|10 pages

Advances and Debts

ByNikolai Shmelev

chapter 21|9 pages


ByVasily Selyunin

chapter 22|5 pages

Are Our Principles Any Good?

ByAleksandr Tsipko

chapter 24|13 pages

Address at the Forty-Third UN General Assembly Session, December 7, 1988

ByMikhail S. Gorbachev

chapter 26|9 pages

I Cannot Forgo My Principles

ByNina Andreyeva

chapter 27|5 pages

The Tragedy of Centralism

ByAleksandr Prokhanov

chapter 28|3 pages

I Can't Absolve Myself of Guilt

ByOleg T. Bogomolov

chapter 29|5 pages

The Architects of Card Houses

ByYuri Katasonov

chapter 30|2 pages

Democratic Platform Program of the CPSU, Statement of June 1, 1990

Edited ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

part 5|50 pages

The Economy

chapter 31|11 pages

Is Soviet Socialism Reformable?

ByEd A. Hewett

chapter 32|7 pages

The Soviet Economy on a Treadmill of Perestroika: Gorbachev's First Five Years

ByGertrude E. Schroeder

chapter 33|16 pages

The New Soviet Plan

ByEd Α. Hewett

chapter 34|14 pages

Beyond Perestroyka: The Soviet Economy in Crisis

Edited ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

part 6|72 pages

Nationalism and the Future of the Federal System

chapter 36|11 pages

Gorbachev's Nationalities Problem

ByGail W. Lapidus

chapter 37|22 pages

Dilemmas of Russian Nationalism

ByRoman Szporluk

chapter 38|10 pages

Soviet Jewry in the Age of Perestroika

ByZvi Gitelman

chapter 39|5 pages

The Russian Question: In Search of an Answer (a Roundtable)

Edited ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

chapter 40|7 pages

Declarations of the State Sovereignty of the Russian and Ukrainian Republics

Edited ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

part 7|148 pages

Foreign Policy and National Security

chapter 41|11 pages

The Revolution in Soviet Foreign Policy

ByRobert Legvold

chapter 42|14 pages

East-West: The Problem of Deideologizing Relations

ByGeorgii Shakhnazarov

chapter 43|8 pages

The Search for New East-West Relations

ByVyacheslav Dashichev

chapter 44|10 pages

New Thinking About World Communism

ByAlexander Dallin

chapter 46|17 pages

The USSR and the Third World in the 1980's

ByDavid E. Albright

chapter 47|43 pages

Soviet National Security Under Gorbachev

ByBruce Parrott

chapter 48|17 pages

State, Society, and the Military Under Gorbachev

ByDavid Holloway

part 8|78 pages

The Future of the System

chapter 49|23 pages

Thinking About the Soviet Future

ByGeorge W. Breslauer

chapter 50|23 pages

To the Stalin Mausoleum

Edited ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus

chapter 51|9 pages

Managing U.S.-Soviet Relations in the 1990s

ByAbraham S. Becker, Arnold L. Horelick

chapter 53|2 pages

Speech to the Congress of People's Deputies, December 20, 1990

ByEdvard Shevardnadze

chapter 54|3 pages

Speech to the Congress of People's Deputies, December 22, 1990

ByVladimir Kryuchkov

chapter 55|8 pages


ByAlexander Dallin, Gail W. Lapidus