This book is an outcome of the conference on the development of large technical systems held in Berlin in 1986. It focuses on the comparative analysis of the development of large technical systems, particularly electrical power, railroad, air traffic, telephone, and other forms of telecommunication.

chapter Chapter 1|28 pages

Large Technical Systems: Concepts and Issues

ByBernward Joerges

chapter Chapter 3|35 pages

The Evolution of the Technical System of Railways in France from 1832 to 1937 1

ByFrançois Caron

chapter Chapter 4|30 pages

The Development of the German Railroad System

ByG. Wolfgang Heinze, Heinrich H. Kill

chapter Chapter 6|23 pages

The Telephone in France 1879–1979: National Characteristics and International Influences 1

ByCatherine Bertho-Lavenir

chapter Chapter 7|35 pages

The Politics of Growth: The German Telephone System

ByFrank Thomas

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

The French Electrical Power System: An Inter-Country Comparison

ByMaurice Lévy-Leboyer