Drawing on their daily involvement with defense issues and their interactions with the military and political elements of the national security community, civilian and military defense analysts in the U.S. Army War Colleger Strategic Studies Institute offer a lucid analysis of the complex mosaic of strategic and European defense issues. Their contributions are probing, balanced, and provocative, designed for students of foreign and defense affairs, as well as for policymakers. In the first section of the book, the offensive and defensive aspects of the strategic balance between the United States and the Soviet Union are examined. Going beyond sterile, static weapons counts, the authors address the relationship between the overall disposition of military forces and deterrence and are attentive to possible future developments, including the impact of new technologies and changing Sino-Soviet relations that are likely to affect the U.S.-USSR relationship. The second section of the book focuses on crucial East-West defense issues within Europe: the balance of conventional and theater nuclear forces, prospects for European arms control, the impact of chemical weapons on deterrence and defense, and the fashioning of an effective nonnuclear NATO defense. The book concludes with a chapter that illuminates U.S.-West European historical and cultural divergences, explaining in a new way the political strains that frequently plague the alliance.

part 1|222 pages

Strategic Issues

chapter 1|33 pages

The Changing Strategic Balance and US Defense Planning

ByRobert Kennedy

chapter 3|40 pages

The Strategic Implications of Civil Defense

ByJohn M. Weinstein

chapter 4|40 pages

China and the Great Power Balance

ByTodd R. Starbuck

chapter 6|38 pages

Start: Problems and Prospects

ByRobert Kennedy

part 2|215 pages

European Security Issues

chapter 8|39 pages

The Soviet Threat to Europe: Prospects for the 1980’s

ByOtto P. Chaney

chapter 9|49 pages

Chemical Weapons Rearmament and the Security of Europe: can Support be Mustered?

ByJohn M. Weinstein, Henry G. Gole

chapter 10|26 pages

Improving Europe’s Conventional Defenses

ByEdward A. Corcoran

chapter 11|38 pages

The Once and Future Quest: European Arms Control—Issues and Prospects

ByWilliam P. Boyd

chapter 12|25 pages

Nato Defense through European Eyes

ByHenry G. Gole