The State Agricultural Experiment Stations have played a fundamental role in the development of science and agriculture in the United States. From their inception in 1887, the experiment stations have attempted to wed basic research with practical application and have helped institutionalize a utilitarian approach to agricultural science. Agricultural research and the new technology it helped to generate were major factors in the transformation of U.S. agriculture into a high technology, mechanized, science-based industry. Moreover, the experiment stations, as the first large-scale, publicly supported scientific research institutions in the United States, have also long been models for scientific institutions both here and abroad. Compiled for the 1987 centennial of the State Agricultural Experiment Stations, this volume critically examines past performance, current issues, and future directions for public agricultural research in the United States. Each of the authors, drawn from disciplines as diverse as philosophy and agronomy, focuses on a central concern for the scientific enterprise. Issues include priority setting, maintaining and promoting disciplinary and interdisciplinary effectiveness, supporting higher education for agriculture, and efficacious dissemination of research findings. By setting these issues in their historical and philosophical context, the volume suggests new approaches for meeting the continuing challenge to achieve equity, efficiency, sustainability, flexibility, conservation, and consistency with other objectives of U.S. society.

part One|65 pages

Historical and Philosophical Context

part Two|52 pages

Research Priority Setting

chapter 7|13 pages

The CSRS Scientist: A Role in Transition

ByRobert L. Christensen, Roland R. Robinson

part Three|40 pages

Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Research

chapter 10|13 pages

The Pretechnology Agricultural Sciences

ByRobert E. Evenson

chapter 11|14 pages

A Century of Periodic Research on Soil Conservation

ByLouis Swanson

part Four|47 pages

Commodity Studies

part Five|32 pages

The Experiment Stations and Science Education

part Six|26 pages

Dissemination and Impact of Experiment Station Science

chapter 19|10 pages

The Interrelationships of Agricultural Research and Farm Structure

ByFred C. White

part Seven|48 pages

Future Directions

chapter 20|13 pages

Toward a New Covenant for Agricultural Academe

ByJ. Patrick Madden

chapter 21|16 pages

Research and Technology Transfer Linkages in American Agriculture

ByIrwin Feller

chapter 22|17 pages

Industry/Land Grant University Relationships in Transition

ByFrederick H. Buttel, Martin Kenney, Jack Kloppenburg, J. Tadlock Cowan, Douglas Smith

part Eight|14 pages