The contributors to this book offer an explanation of Soviet and U.S. policy in the Middle East by exploring how the superpowers define their goals in the region, the factors that both stimulate and constrain the United States and the Soviet Union in the implementation of their objectives, and how their mutual perceptions influence behavior. The ch

part 1|171 pages

The View from Moscow

chapter 1|27 pages

The Soviet View of the Utility of Force in the Third World

ByS. Ν. MacFarlane

chapter 2|19 pages

Soviet Perspectives on Islam as a Third World Political Force

ByCarol R. Saivetz

chapter 4|46 pages

Moscow, Damascus, and the Lebanese Crisis of 1982–1984

ByRobert O. Freedman

chapter 5|39 pages

Soviet Policy in the Middle East: The Crucial Change

ByDina Rome Spechler

part 2|90 pages

The View from Washington

part 3|29 pages

The Impact of the Great Powers