Many people have been instrumental in helping see this book through to completion. First, I want to thank Robbin Laird, not only for his professional encouragement over the years, but especially for his suggestion to do this book in the first place. Nor would this effort have been possible--or nearly as enjoyable-- without the support and friendship of Susan McEachern. I would also like to thank Jackie Evans for her assistance in helping to prepare the manuscript.

chapter |4 pages


The Changing Soviet Security Environment
BySusan L. Clark

chapter 1|28 pages

The Post-Soviet Military and the Future of Europe

ByChristopher Jones

chapter 2|30 pages

Soviet Forces and Security Issues

ByChristoph Bluth

chapter 3|22 pages

Soviet Nuclear Forces and the New European Security Environment

BySusan L. Clark

chapter 4|47 pages

The Crisis in Soviet Military Reform

ByElaine M. Holoboff

chapter 6|22 pages

Defense Conversion: Last Trump or Last Rights?

ByLauren Van Metre

chapter 7|29 pages

The High Command and the Future of the Soviet Military Personnel System

ByDale R. Herspring

chapter 8|35 pages

Ethnic Tensions and the Soviet Military

BySusan L. Clark

chapter 10|19 pages

Conclusion: Rethinking the Role of Soviet Military Power

ByRobbin F. Laird