This book undertakes a multifaceted examination of South American international relations, emphasising on the continent's new era of domestic and international politics and the implications of the evolving environment for the policies of the many actors participating in the region's politics.

chapter 1|26 pages

South America in the International Political System

ByG. Pope Atkins

chapter 2|26 pages

South American Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy

ByHoward J. Wiarda

chapter 3|33 pages

The Status of South American Geopolitical Thinking

ByJack Child

chapter 4|34 pages

Brazil and the Southern Cone Subsystem

ByWayne Α. Selcher

chapter 5|21 pages

U.S. Interests in South America

ByMorris J. Blachman

chapter 6|17 pages

Extrahemispheric Interests and Actions

ByGeorges A. Fauriol

chapter 7|26 pages

The Political Economy of South American Debt

ByWilliam Guttman

chapter 8|10 pages

European and South American Perspectives

ByWolf Grabendorff, Roberto Russell