The decline in the quality of American public school instruction, particularly in science and mathematics, is a well-documented subject of concern for our nation. This book examines the educational systems in Japan, the People's Republic of China, East and West Germany, and the Soviet Union, countries that have developed particularly innovative app

chapter |11 pages

Introduction: Science Education in Other Countries— Issues and Questions

ByKathleen M. Fisher, Joseph I. Lipson

chapter 1|54 pages

Science Education in Contemporary Japan

ByKay Michael Troost

chapter 2|29 pages

Precollege Science Education in the People’s Republic of China

ByPaul DeHart Hurd

chapter 3|58 pages

Two Worlds of Science Learning: A Look at the Germanies

ByMargrete Siebert Klein

chapter 4|19 pages

Science Education in the USSR

ByCharles P. McFadden

chapter 6|25 pages

Lessons from Five Countries

ByF. James Rutherford