While many developing countries rapidly expanded their scientific and technological capabilities during the 1960s and 1970s, the current international economic crisis has severely threatened these programs and the developing world has staggered under its debt burden. These economic difficulties highlight the need to utilize effectively the limited scientific and technological resources available. In this volume, an international group of experts explore ways to organize research and development programs; create flexible and appropriate linkages to promote supplier user interactions at national, regional, and international levels; and design policy instruments to encourage and finance research and development.Three case studies illustrate all these aspects of research and development.The contributors also· outline suggestions for pioneer projects in such areas as a technological services delivery system for small industries; a local technology system for rural areas; a fund-syndicating technology delivery system for later enterprises and investors; linkages to improved productivity in under-utilized capacity; and identifications of needs in the least-developed countries.

part One|17 pages

Report of the Ad Hoc Panel of Specialists on the Reinforcement of Linkages between Research and Development and the Production System

part Two|55 pages

R&D Activities: Programme Formation and Programme Promotion

chapter |26 pages

The potential for contribution of R&D to the production system

ByJames P. Blackledge

chapter |7 pages

R&D and industry—some considerations from the Brazilian experience

ByClovis Walter Rodrigues

chapter |6 pages

Research and development: Know-why, know-how, know-good

ByChristian de Laet

part Three|102 pages

Mechanisms for Promoting and Institutionalizing Interaction

part B|52 pages

Linkage mechanisms through international co-operation

part Four|63 pages

Policy and Financing Mechanisms

part Six|13 pages

Pioneer Projects

chapter |11 pages


Edited ByMary Pat Williams Silveira