The findings of the Study Group on United States-Guatemalan Relations,organized under the auspices of the Central American and Caribbean Program(CACP) at the School of Advanced International Studies, The Johns HopkinsUniversity, focus on the nature of Guatemalan politics, possibilities for democratization,and the options available to U.S. policymakers during the regime ofGeneral Rios Montt. Also included in this book are two papers, commissioned by the CACP, that present starkly contrasting views of Guatemala in order to provide a background for the study group's discussions. As anticipated by study group members, the Rios Montt regime fell from power after the initial writing of this report, but their findings nevertheless provide an excellent overview of the debate on U.S. policy toward Guatemala.

chapter |3 pages


chapter 1|8 pages

The Rios Montt Regime

chapter 2|4 pages

Policy Options: Rios Montt and After

chapter 4|24 pages

Guatemala: Crisis and Response