This volume is a definitive manual for students and practitioners involved in learning and developing essential theories and models for fieldwork practicum in social work education. It addresses various functional issues in field practicum, delineates proper guidelines for students and supervisors, discusses criteria of supervision and evaluation, and explores the concerns facing South Asian field practitioners.

The volume focuses on traditional and non-traditional components and aspects of fieldwork and training, such as:

• The value and use of educational camps and skill development workshops.

• The contemporary field-level needs and strategies in social work practicum.

• Formulating alternative practice theories that will allow social work practitioners to respond to the critical social problems unique to India and South Asia.

The book provides multiple frameworks for teaching and learning fieldwork that integrate theory and practice and create an environment where students can develop intervention strategies using their knowledge, skills, and techniques.

The volume will be indispensable reading for undergraduate and post-graduate students of social work. It will also be useful for scholars of sociology, anthropology, and development studies, and practitioners engaged in various non-governmental and international organizations.

chapter 1|42 pages

Procedural aspects of fieldwork

ByPoonam Gulalia

chapter 2|15 pages

Orientation programme to fieldwork

Relevance and modalities
ByArchana Kaushik

chapter 3|13 pages

Fieldwork report

A pragmatic exercise
BySheeba Joseph

chapter 4|16 pages

Transformative learning in social work education in India

Role of social work camps
ByB Ramesh

chapter 5|16 pages

Essential guidelines for successful fieldwork supervision

ByS Akileswari

chapter 7|15 pages

Contemporary field-level needs and essential strategies in social work practicum

ByAsok Kumar Sarkar, Indranil Sarkar

chapter 8|13 pages

Strengthening ‘field’ in field education

Structural and functional issues in South Asian social work
ByBala Raju Nikku, Bishnu Mohan Dash, Zia Ullah Akhunzada

chapter 9|18 pages

Eight decades of fieldwork training in India

Identifying the gaps and missing links
Edited BySanjoy Roy, Bishnu Mohan Dash

chapter 10|30 pages

Learning social work practice skills

Reflections from communities, NGOs, and universities
BySwapan Garain

chapter 11|12 pages

Non-institutional and community-based field placement in social work

Experiments with inquiry-based learning and participatory action research
ByBipin Jojo, Ronald Yesudhas

chapter 12|10 pages

Developing social work practice theories

Some alternative ideas and approaches
ByIndrajit Goswami

chapter 13|8 pages

Essential skills for fieldwork practice in social work

BySayantani Guin

chapter 15|13 pages

Essence of communication skills in fieldwork