Engaging the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals is an edited volume that brings together a diverse set of academic and professional perspectives within the three themes of attracting, educating, and retaining the next generation of aviation professionals (NGAP). This compilation is the first academic work specifically targeting this critical issue.

The book presents a rich variety of perspectives, academic philosophies, and real-world examples. Submissions include brief case studies, longer scholarly works from respected academics, and professional reflections from individuals who have made important contributions to their field. The book includes academic chapters that explore the topic from a more theoretical standpoint yet are accessible and understandable to a professional audience. These are complemented by both broad and specific practice examples that describe initiatives and applications occurring in the industry around the three themes. All submissions include descriptive insights, experiences, and first-hand accounts of accomplishments, intended to support the work of other professionals managing NGAP issues.

This work will be valuable to anyone involved in attracting, educating, or retaining NGAP, including academics, operators, national and international regulators, and outreach coordinators, among many others.

part 1|2 pages

Attracting the next generation of aviation professionals

chapter 1.5|12 pages

Chapter – Aviation outreach

Reaching the next generation of aviation professionals

chapter 1.6|13 pages

Chapter – STEM and sustainability

Creating aviation professional change agents

chapter 1.7|20 pages

Professional reflection

The case of Cambodia: challenges in training the next generation of aviation professionals

chapter 2|3 pages

Educating the next generation of aviation professionals

Section introduction

chapter 2.7|14 pages

Chapter – Language education for ab initio flight training

A plan going forward

chapter 2.9|20 pages

Professional reflection – The solution of customized Aviation English

Training the aviation maintenance technician

chapter 3|2 pages

Retaining the next generation of aviation professionals

Section introduction

chapter 3.1|12 pages

Chapter – Collegiate flight programs

How student experiences impact student retention and successful completions

chapter 3.2|13 pages

Chapter – Executive education in aviation

Addressing the managerial aspects of the fastest growing industry

chapter 3.3|9 pages

Chapter – Entrepreneurial mindset development

A cog in the wheel of talent management in the aviation sector

chapter 3.4|16 pages

Chapter – The regulation of the airline industry

Why it matters to you

chapter 3.5|17 pages

Professional reflection – Managing the paradox

Asking for more qualified people in a shortage situation