Transitioning Students in Higher Education focuses on the relationship between philosophy, pedagogy and practice when designing programs, units or courses for transitioning students to new educational spaces in the university environment. The term ‘transition’ is used to describe the academic as well as social movement and acculturation of students into new higher educational spaces.

This book offers both theoretical perspectives and real-world practical examples that reveal the successes and challenges of implementing philosophically driven pedagogies with diverse transitioning cohorts. Drawing on examples from Australia, New Zealand, US and Canada, it writes through the relationship between philosophy, pedagogy and how it can effectively shape the practice of transition and develop the flourishing student. This book is split into three main sub-themes: Flourishing in Transition, Engaging Diverse Cohorts and Challenges for Educators, and sits at the intersections between philosophy and pedagogy in the practice of effectively engaging and transitioning different enabling groups.

This book will be of great interest to postgraduate students, researchers and educators working in the areas of enabling or bridging education, higher/tertiary education, distance learning, and indigenous as well as culturally diverse cohorts.

chapter 1|8 pages

Philosophy, pedagogy and practice in transitional education

1An introduction
ByJoanne G. Lisciandro, Anita Olds, Angela Jones

part I|2 pages

Flourishing in transition

chapter |2 pages


ByAnita Olds

chapter 2|12 pages

Learning better together

ByVincent Tinto

chapter 3|11 pages

The Social Justice League

Philosophies of flourishing and emancipation in enabling education
ByAnita Olds, Angela Jones, Joanne G. Lisciandro

chapter 4|9 pages

Transitioning to their future

Creating an environment of ‘possibilities’ for enabling students
ByJulie Willans

chapter 5|9 pages

Liberation and connection

Fostering critical students as active agents of their own learning
BySarah Hattam, Jennifer Stokes

chapter |3 pages

The educators’ tips for flourishing students(Part I)

Edited ByAngela Jones, Anita Olds, Joanne G. Lisciandro

part II|2 pages

Engaging diverse cohorts

chapter |2 pages


ByAngela Jones

chapter 6|11 pages

Bridging Cultures Over-Under

A unique collaboration between two Indigenous academic enabling programs in Canada and Australia
ByMichelle M. Hogue, Joanne Forrest

chapter 7|11 pages

Big Ideas

Conquering stereotype threat in an Indigenous enabling course
BySian Bennett, Rebecca Bennett

chapter 8|8 pages

Finding the space for connection

Embedding a Pasifika philosophy into pedagogical practices
ByFiona Beals, Arden Perrot

chapter 9|10 pages

Pulled by motivation, pushed by inspiration

Approaches to transitioning high school students to university
ByDebra Monteith, Peter Geerlings

chapter 10|10 pages

Uncomfortable spaces

Philosophy, pedagogy and practice in online enabling education
ByEvonne Irwin, Emma Hamilton

chapter 11|10 pages

Manifestos, mutants and mash-ups

Punk and pedagogy in online enabling education
ByAngela Jones, Anita Olds

chapter |2 pages

The educators’ tips for transitioning diverse cohorts (Part II)

Edited ByAngela Jones, Anita Olds, Joanne G. Lisciandro

part III|2 pages

Challenges for educators

chapter |2 pages


ByJoanne G. Lisciandro

chapter 12|10 pages

The tensions between philosophies of education and critical pedagogies in neoliberal higher education

Implications for learning and teaching practices
ByThomas Wanner, Sarah Wanner

chapter 13|14 pages

On-boarding discipline experts to adopt the academic literacies framework

ByKathie Ardzejewska, Michelle Gorzanelli

chapter 14|10 pages

“We need to help students discover themselves and see into the life of things”

Advice from Open Foundation lecturers
ByRosalie J. Bunn

chapter 15|10 pages

Supporting student mental wellbeing in enabling education

Practices, pedagogies and a philosophy of care
ByNicole Crawford, Sally Kift, Lynn Jarvis

chapter |2 pages

The educators’ tips for rising to the challenges of the space (Part III)

Edited ByAngela Jones, Anita Olds, Joanne G. Lisciandro

chapter 16|3 pages

Final musings for the future of transitional education

ByAngela Jones, Joanne G. Lisciandro, Anita Olds