This is the first of two volumes on the transformation of China since 1978. The second volume concentrates on the government administration of the reforms which have brought changes in economic organization; it deals with the urban economy. The focus of this volume is on changes in the rural economy, provision for basic needs such as nutrition and

chapter 2|41 pages

The People's Livelihood and the Incidence of Poverty

ByAthar Hussain, Stephan Feuchtwang

chapter 3|24 pages

The New Peasant Economy in China

ByElisabeth J. Croll

chapter 4|36 pages

China's Food Take-Off?

ByClaude Aubert

chapter 6|22 pages

Implementation and Resistance: The Single-Child Family Policy

ByLucien Bianco, Hua Chang-ming

chapter 7|29 pages

China's New Inheritance Law: Some Preliminary Observations

ByMichael Palmer

chapter 8|29 pages

Urban Employment in Post-Maoist China

ByMichel Bonnin, Michel Cartier

chapter 9|18 pages

Urban Housing Policy after Mao

ByRichard Kirkby