The contributors, representing major European Community institutions and member states, offer their assessments of the political and institutional issues influencing the formation of a common foreign and security policy for the 12 member states. Representatives of non-EC countries (particularly the United States, the Soviet Union, and Japan) provi

part One|25 pages

The Scope of Challenges for a Common Foreign and Security Policy

chapter 1|23 pages

Regional Integration in the Global Test

ByReinhardt Rummel

part Two|181 pages

State of the Art of Common Foreign Policy and Security Cooperation: Internal Organization and External Activity

chapter 2|11 pages

The Community's External Reach

ByEberhard Rhein

chapter 3|14 pages

The Constitutional Foundation

ByMaarten W. J. Lak

chapter 4|22 pages

The Institutional Network and the Instruments of Action

BySimon Nuttall

chapter 5|22 pages

The Core of Decision-Making

ByLawrence L. Hamlet

chapter 6|15 pages

A Test Case of Consistency: The San José Dialogue

ByVeerle Coignez

chapter 8|12 pages

EPC's Performance in Crises

ByChristopher Hill

chapter 9|14 pages

Western Europe and the Gulf War

ByScott Anderson

chapter 10|26 pages

European Responses to the Yugoslav Crisis: An Interim Assessment

ByGeoffrey Edwards

chapter 11|21 pages

West European Cooperation on Nuclear Proliferation

ByHarald Müller

part Three|55 pages

Perceptions and Demands from Outside: What Kind of Political Union?

chapter 15|4 pages

View from Austria: Preparing for Membership

ByManfred Scheich

chapter 16|10 pages

The Hungarian View: An EC Associate's Perspective from Central Europe

ByIstvàn Körmendy

chapter 18|5 pages

View from Turkey: Political Union as a Contribution to the New Europe

BySermet Atacanli

part Four|56 pages

Assessing the Concepts for Political Union: CFSP as a Touchstone

chapter 19|21 pages

From the Draft Treaty of 1984 to the Intergovernmental Conferences of 1991

ByRosa Maria Alonso Terme

chapter 20|7 pages

Scope and Structure of the Community's Future Foreign Policy

ByGiovanni Jannuzzi

chapter 21|24 pages

Beyond Maastricht: Alternative Futures for a Political Union

ByReinhardt Rummel