In this book, the difficult problems of agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa are examined by the farming systems approach, which aims to improve food production under adverse conditions through agronomic and social science research conducted on the farm. Particular attention is paid to household decision-making processes that affect the way households

chapter |10 pages


ByJoyce Lewinger Moock

chapter 1|25 pages

The Invisible Economy of Smallholder Agriculture in Africa

ByGoran Hyden

chapter 2|22 pages

Components of Farming Systems Research, FSR Credibility, and Experiences in Botswana

ByD. W. Norman, D. C. Baker

chapter 3|13 pages

Farming Systems Research, Productivity, and Equity

ByJohn D. Gerhart

chapter 4|21 pages

On-Farm Research and Household Economics

ByAllan Low

chapter 8|22 pages

Household Management in Botswana: Cattle, Crops, and Wage Labor

ByPauline E. Peters

chapter 11|6 pages

Training Staff for Farming Systems Research in Africa

ByMandivamba Rukuni