This book examines cultural participation from three different, but interrelated perspectives: participatory art and aesthetics; participatory digital media, and participatory cultural policies and institutions.

Focusing on how ideals and practices relating to cultural participation express and (re)produce different "cultures of participation", an interdisciplinary team of authors demonstrate how the areas of arts, digital media, and cultural policy and institutions are shaped by different but interrelated contextual backgrounds. Chapters offer a variety of perspectives and strategies for empirically identifying "cultures of participation" and their current transformations and tensions in various regional and national settings.

This book will be of interest to academics and cultural leaders in the areas of museum studies, media and communications, arts, arts education, cultural studies, curatorial studies and digital studies. It will also be relevant for cultural workers, artists and policy makers interested in the participatory agenda in art, digital media and cultural institutions.

chapter 1|10 pages


Cultures of participation

part I|79 pages

Participatory art and aesthetics

chapter 4|20 pages

Cross-cultural collaboration

Modes of participation for co-creation of the urban public space

chapter 5|19 pages

Art and local communities

Inclusion, interests and ownership in participatory art projects with embroiderers and billiard players

part II|74 pages

Digital media and technology

chapter 6|17 pages

VR – the culture of (non) participation?

Reframing the participative edge of virtual reality

chapter 9|18 pages

The participatory patient

Exploring the platformed multivalence and public value of cancer storytelling on social media

part III|71 pages

Cultural policy and institutions

chapter 12|19 pages

Re-ordering and re-performing

Re-placing cultural participation and re-viewing wellbeing measures

chapter 13|16 pages

Diving into the archive

Google Cultural Institute and the cultural politics of participation