This exciting book explores the concept of transformative leadership and how leaders can create learning environments that are academically excellent, equitable, inclusive, and socially just. Grounded in research and real examples, Dr. Carolyn Shields presents an approach to leadership that is engaged, authentic, courageous, and effective in addressing the needs of today’s diverse student bodies. Featuring examples from schools and leaders, questions for reflection, downloadable eResources, and links to useful websites, Becoming a Transformative Leader is an invaluable and practical guide for school administrators, teacher leaders, and district leaders concerned about the uneven educational playing field for students in our schools.

chapter |16 pages


Becoming a Transformative Leader
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 1|14 pages

Tenet One

Accepting the Mandate for Deep and Equitable Change
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 2|27 pages

Tenet Two

Changing Mindsets
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 3|15 pages

Tenet Three

Redistributing Power in More Equitable Ways
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 4|22 pages

Tenet Four

Balancing Public and Private Good
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 5|26 pages

Tenet Five

A Focus on Democracy, Emancipation, Equity, and Justice
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 6|20 pages

Tenet Six

Interconnectedness, Interdependence, and Global Awareness
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 7|23 pages

Tenet Seven

Balancing Critique and Promise
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 8|19 pages

Tenet Eight

Exhibiting Moral Courage
ByCarolyn M. Shields

chapter 9|12 pages

A Voice from the Field

ByAngelina M. Walker

chapter 10|9 pages

Transformation Begins

ByCarolyn M. Shields