Originally published in 1986, this volume brings together papers on the organisational structure of select public enterprises from nine countries, developed and developing. They are set in different forms, work in different sectors and have diverse experiences, often on similar issues. The papers are written by top executives of the respective enterprises and, therefore, contain an authentic presentation of the problems and processes of organisation.

The editor has included, at the beginning, an analytical review on certain fundamental aspects of organisational structure which, for the purpose of this volume, has been conceived in wide terms. Every one of these aspects is not exactly covered by every empirical paper. At the end he has provided a comparative review, trying to keep to a minimum repetition of material from the papers.

chapter 2|30 pages

British Steel Corporation

chapter 3|13 pages

The Post Office

chapter 4|19 pages

Electricite de France

chapter 6|17 pages

Salzgitter AG

chapter 10|23 pages

Coal India Limited

chapter 11|16 pages

Urban Development Authority

chapter 12|11 pages

The Yugoslav Enterprise

chapter 13|21 pages

Concluding Review