Educational Leadership of Immigrants highlights the educational practices and discourses around immigration that intersect with policies and laws, in order to support K-12 students’ educational access and families’ participation in schooling. Drawing primarily on research from the fields of educational leadership and educational policy, this book employs a case study approach to address immigration in public schools and communities; school leaders’ responses to ethical dilemmas; the impact of immigration policy on undocumented students; and the varying cultural, sociopolitical, legal and economic contexts affecting students’ educational circumstances. This book prepares current and future educational leaders to adapt to the changing terrain of U.S. demographics, education, and immigration policy.

Special features include:

  • case narratives drawn from real-life experiences to support the educational needs of immigrant students;
  • teaching activities and reflective discussion questions pertaining to each case study to crystallize leaders’ knowledge and facilitate their comfort levels in practice;
  • discussions of current challenges in education facing immigrant students, their families, educators, and school leaders, especially with changing immigration law.

part Section I|2 pages

‌School Leadership

chapter Chapter 1|8 pages

Equity and Access for English Learners

Developing Inclusive Advanced Placement Programs
ByChris Belcher, Sarah L. Hairston

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Listening to African Muslim Girls

Schooling at the Intersection of Race, Religion, and Gender
ByVan T. Lac, Nathern S. Okilwa

chapter Chapter 3|8 pages

“Anil, please tell your dad your report card is really good!”

Language Brokering at Parent–Teacher Conferences
ByLisa M. Dorner, Shu-Sha Angie Guan, Dawn Thieman

chapter Chapter 4|8 pages

Teacher Tensions

Addressing the Impact of Anti-immigrant Discourse on Students
ByChloe Latham Sikes, Andrea Chevalier

chapter Chapter 5|11 pages


Challenges and Opportunities for School Leaders
ByDina López, Ofelia García

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

Standardized Testing and Mariachi

Dilemmas of a Culturally Sustaining Dual-Language Principal
BySandra Leu Bonanno, Adeli Ynostroza, Eulogio Alejandre

chapter Chapter 7|13 pages

When ICE Came to Town

Separating Families and Disrupting Educational Trajectories
ByLiliana E. Castrellón, Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola, Gerardo R. López

chapter Chapter 8|8 pages

Creating a Welcoming Environment of Mental Health Equity for Undocumented Students

ByGermán Cadenas, Diana Peña, Jesus Cisneros

chapter Chapter 9|9 pages

UndocuCollege Access

Addressing Documentation Issues in the College Choice Process
ByMarco A. Murillo

chapter Chapter 10|8 pages

The Paradoxical Implications of Deported American Students

ByEdmund T. Hamann, Jessica Mitchell-McCollough

chapter |2 pages

Section I Resources

ByEmily R. Crawford, Lisa M. Dorner

part Section II|2 pages

Community Leadership

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

Balancing School Priorities on the Border

A Case of School Leadership in Immigrant Communities
ByDavid DeMatthews, Guadalupe Vela

chapter Chapter 12|9 pages

How School Leadership Influences (and Is Influenced by) Immigration

BySt. Claire Adriaan, Anthony H. Normore, Jeffrey S. Brooks

chapter Chapter 14|9 pages

School Choice and Immigrants

Do Families Choose or Do Schools Choose?
ByStephen Kotok, Elizabeth Gil

chapter Chapter 15|8 pages

Negotiating Culturally Responsive Leadership in Remote Rural Settings

ByMaria Frankland, Andrea Mercado, Catharine Biddle

chapter Chapter 16|8 pages

Distributed Leadership in Schools with “Emergent Bilingual Leadership Teams” for Collaborative Decision Making

ByKate Menken, María Teresa (Maite) Sánchez

chapter Chapter 17|11 pages

Innovating Practices in New Immigrant Destinations

A University–School District Partnership Focused on Family Engagement
ByRebecca Lowenhaupt, Jason DelPorto, Yvonne Endara

chapter Chapter 18|10 pages

Mapping Just Borders of Distributed Leadership

Micropolitics of Engaging Undocumented Latinx Organizing in an Anti-immigrant Climate
BySamantha M. Paredes Scribner, Erica Fernández, Michael D. Corral

chapter Chapter 19|7 pages

Developing Inclusive and Multilingual Family Literacy Events at Diverse Schools

ByEdwin Nii Bonney, Lisa M. Dorner, Lina Trigos-Carrillo, Kim H. Song, Sujin Kim

chapter |2 pages

Section II Resources

ByEmily R. Crawford, Lisa M. Dorner

part Section III|2 pages

District Leadership

chapter Chapter 21|10 pages

The Better Immigrant

Seeking Genuine Inclusivity of All Immigrant Youth
ByTrish Morita-Mullaney

chapter Chapter 22|10 pages

How Leaders Learn About the Needs of Immigrant Students in a Turbulent Time

BySarah L. Hairston, Emily R. Crawford, Warapark Maitreephun

chapter Chapter 23|10 pages

Organizing District-wide Change for Equity in a New Immigrant Destination

ByMegan Hopkins, Kristina Brezicha

chapter Chapter 24|9 pages

Isolating or Inclusive?

Educating Refugee Youth in American Schools
ByJill Koyama, Khristina H. Haddad, Sarah Yacoub

chapter |1 pages

Section III Resources

ByEmily R. Crawford, Lisa M. Dorner