Professional Development of Teacher Educators in Further Education critically analyses the specific challenges relating to teacher educators in the English further education (FE), such as the diverse nature of learners and the variety of educational contexts. It focuses on the journeys to becoming teacher educators, their relevant teaching know-how and professional needs.

This book combines theoretical frameworks with both qualitative and quantitative data to outline the pathways, professional identities, knowledge, and continuous professional development of teacher educators. This data is used to discuss the four main themes. The first deals with the teacher educators’ initial disciplinary areas, journey-making to be educators, and the current titles/positions. The next one delineates the know-how (knowledge, experiences, capacities and skill sets) to perform as teacher educators. The third one relates to their professional identities and the final topic, their professional requirements as FE teacher educators.

Contributing to the field of further and vocational education, this book will be of great interest for researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the field of education, specifically FE and teacher educators.

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

Researching the further education teacher educators' landscape

BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

Teaching the new professionals

A recent history of teacher education and teacher professionalism in the further education sector in England
ByJonathan Tummons

chapter Chapter 3|16 pages

Teacher educators' profiles

BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 4|17 pages

Highways and byways

Pathways to becoming teacher educators
BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 5|25 pages

Teacher educators' knowledge

Types, sources, and application in the training of teachers
BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

Professional identities of teacher educators

BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 7|10 pages

Professional education of teacher educators

BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 8|21 pages

Case studies

BySai Loo

chapter Chapter 9|9 pages


BySai Loo