This book is a tribute to Majid Khadduri and focuses on the three principal fields of his own work: Islamic and international law; ideas and personalities in the Arab world; and politics and diplomacy in the Middle East.

part I|24 pages


chapter Chapter One|14 pages

The Life and Work of Majid Khadduri

ByJames Piscatori

chapter Chapter Two|8 pages

Curriculum Vitae

ByMajid Khadduri

part II|66 pages

Islamic and International Law

chapter Chapter Three|18 pages

Islamic Law and the Challenge of Modern Times*

ByGamal Moursi Badr

chapter Chapter Four|19 pages

The Legal Status of Jerusalem

ByHenry Cattan

chapter Chapter Five|27 pages

Saudi Arabia, Culture Change, and the International Legal Order

ByJames Piscatori

part III|75 pages

Ideas and Personalities in the Arab World

chapter Chapter Six|31 pages

Ameen Rihani and the Hijaz-Najd Conflict: An Abortive Peace Mission

ByHermann Frederick Eilts

chapter Chapter Seven|16 pages

Arab Nationalism and the Idealist Politician: The Career of Sulayman al-Baruni

ByJ. E. Peterson

chapter Chapter Eight|26 pages

The Intellectual Origins and Ideas of the Ahali Group

ByMudhafar Amin, Edmund Ghareeb

part IV|88 pages

Politics and Diplomacy in the Middle East

chapter Chapter Nine|36 pages

The Communist Movements in the Arab World

ByTareq Y. Ismael

chapter Chapter Ten|33 pages

The Gilan Soviet Revolution, 1920–1921

ByGeorge S. Harris