With the death of Mao Tse-tung and the subsequent purge of the "Gang of Four," China's new pragmatic leaders have embarked on a crash program of national development known as the Four Modernizations, This program is geared to the primary objective of turning China into a major world economic and military power by the year 2000. In this book, the outgrowth of a major international conference on China's post-Maoist development, ten distinguished analysts examine one of the core issues in China's current modernization drive: the acquisition and use of modern industrial science and technology. The authors address the politics of China's technological modernization, the institutional structure of technological research, the purchase of foreign technology, constraints on technological absorption, the growth potential of China's critical energy sector, and the modernization of China's military establishment. Supplemented with brief commentaries by leading academic, government, and private sector contributors, their chapters provide an in-depth look at the process, problems, and prospects of China's widely heralded technological revolution.

chapter 1|19 pages


ByRichard Baum

chapter 2|28 pages

The Modernization of Chinese Industry

ByChu-yüan Cheng

chapter |11 pages

Commentaries on Agricultural and Industrial Modernization

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 3|41 pages

Recent Policy Trends in Industrial Science and Technology

ByThomas Fingar

chapter 4|17 pages

A Note on Recent Policy Changes

ByGenevieve C. Dean

chapter |5 pages

Commentary on Science and Technology Policy

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 5|25 pages

The Institutional Structure for Industrial Research and Development in China

ByRichard P. Suttmeier

chapter |2 pages

Commentary on the Institutional Structure for R&D

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 6|21 pages

China's Program of Technology Acquisition

ByShannon R. Brown

chapter |4 pages

Commentary on Technology Acquisition

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 7|23 pages

The Absorption and Assimilation of Acquired Technology

ByRudi Volti

chapter |5 pages

Commentary on Technological Absorption and Assimilation

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 8|27 pages

China's Energy Technology

ByVaclav Smil

chapter |6 pages

Commentaries on China's Energy Development

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 9|21 pages

The Modernization of National Defense

ByJonathan Pollack

chapter |4 pages

Commentary on National Defense Modernization

Edited ByRichard Baum

chapter 10|21 pages

Conclusion: The Four Modernizations Reconsidered

ByJeffrey Schultz