Concentrating on a transitional epoch, 1927–1949, when China was at the crossroads of revolution, this book analyzes the Kuomintang's inherent weaknesses as a revolutionary force and the Communists' success in the quest for new formulas to guide the modernization movement.

chapter |16 pages

Introduction: China at the Crossroads, 1927–1949

ByF. Gilbert Chan

part 1|107 pages

The Nationalists, 1927–1937: A Case Study of Revolutionary Failure

part 2|58 pages

Sinking and Szechwan in the Era of Japanese Aggression

part 3|71 pages

The Communists, 1927–1949: In Search of Revolutionary Models

chapter 7|31 pages

The Origins of Communist and Soviet Movements in China

ByIlpyong J. Kim