This book presents case studies that deal with a question of growing concern in the American body politic—how to achieve accountability in American government. The cases deal with the agency that has the primary responsibility for assuring such accountability, the General Accounting Office.

chapter |8 pages


ByErasmus H. Kloman

part One|75 pages

Program Results

chapter 1|9 pages

The National Grain Inspection System

ByJohn Manchir, Larry A. Goldsmith, Erasmus H. Kloman

chapter 2|13 pages

The Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

ByErasmus H. Kloman

chapter 3|8 pages

The GAO and the Consumer: The Need for Better Food Labeling

ByJeffrey L. Jacobs

chapter 4|10 pages

The Federal Programs for Education of the Handicapped

ByNancy G. Deck

chapter 5|8 pages

The Airborne Warning and Control System

ByGeorge A. Sousa

chapter 6|11 pages

FBI Domestic Intelligence Operations: Two Perspectives

ByErasmus H. Kloman

chapter 7|8 pages

Federal Supervision of State and National Banks

ByPeter J. Lemonias

chapter 8|3 pages

Crime in Federal Recreation Areas

ByThomas C. Perry

part Two|30 pages

Economy and Efficiency

chapter 9|6 pages

Seeking to Improve the Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Program

ByRobert E. Shelton

chapter 10|8 pages

Rural Post Offices

ByMichael Brostek

chapter 11|9 pages

Management of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

ByFrederick C. Mosher

chapter 12|4 pages

National Direct Student Loan Program Review

ByThomas C. Perry

part Three|47 pages

Accounting and Financial

chapter 13|7 pages

Travel Voucher Audit (1952)

ByGerald C. Schulsinger, Tilomas C. Perry

chapter 14|10 pages

Commodity Credit Corporation Audit (1949)

ByGerald C. Schulsinger, Thomas C. Perry

chapter 15|10 pages

Review of the Government's Accounts Receivable

ByJohn F. Simonette

chapter 17|7 pages

Bureau of Land Management Accounting System

ByThomas C. Perry

part Four|19 pages


chapter 18|6 pages

Bid Protest: Lockheed and the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motors

ByRobert F. Stephens, Ronald Wartow, Erasmus H. Kloman

chapter 19|11 pages

Payment of Intervenors' Expenses in Agency Regulatory Proceedings

ByRollee H. Efros

part Five|51 pages

Special Studies

chapter 20|8 pages

Evaluation of the National Energy Plan

ByWilliam C. Oelkers, Erasmus H. Kloman

chapter 21|10 pages

Financing the Big Apple: The GAO Review of New York City's Fiscal Crisis

ByWilliam M. Clevenger, Natwar M. Gandhi, Ellen P. Roche

chapter 22|23 pages

The Seizure of the S.S. Mayaguez

ByNancy G. Deck

chapter 23|7 pages

Financial Status of Major Systems Acquisitions

BySani Pines

part Six|20 pages


chapter 24|3 pages

Selection of Family-Planning Service Grantees in Region VIII

ByThomas C. Perry

chapter 25|2 pages

U.S. Air Force Career Pamphlet

ByThomas C. Perry

chapter 28|4 pages

Settlement of Claims: Six Cases

ByJeffrey L. Jacobs