In this book, the authors integrate various perspectives on the evaluation of natural resources in arid and semiarid zones, analyze development options, and discuss systems analysis tools that could be important for the management of technology.

part I

Arid Climates

chapter 1|13 pages

Semi-Arid Regions in the World

ByWilliam G. McGinnies

chapter 2|11 pages

Mexico's Semi-Arid Zones*

ByFernando Medellín-Leal

chapter 3|7 pages

The Climates of Mexico with Emphasis on Arid Zones*

ByEnriqueta Garcia

chapter 4|18 pages

Climate and the Chihuahuan Desert

ByRobert H. Schmidt

part II

Resource Assessment

chapter 5|10 pages

Soils of Semiarid Regions

ByH. E. Dregne

chapter 6|22 pages

Remote Sensing to Detect Desertification Processes

ByK. J. Dalsted, V. I. Myers

chapter 7|14 pages

System of Classification and Physiographic Survey *

ByE. Quiñones-Garza

chapter 8|13 pages

Techniques for Vegetation Mapping in Semiarid Regions

ByDavid A. Mouat, Charles F. Hutchinson

part III

Development Options

chapter 10|13 pages

Strategies for the Prevention of and Fight Against Desertification*

ByManuel Anaya-Garduño

chapter 12|5 pages

Small-Scale Mining in Semi-Arid Areas

ByJoseph Barnea

chapter 14|12 pages

Crop Alternatives in Semiarid Regions

ByTimothy R. Peoples, Jack D. Johnson

chapter 15|36 pages

Botanochemicals from Arid Lands: Toward Development of Production, Marketing, and Consumption Systems

ByRussell A. Buchanan, Ellis G. Knox, Arthur A. Theisen, Gary L. Laidig

chapter 16|13 pages

Solar Radiation and Its Utilization*

ByRafael Almanza

chapter 17|19 pages

The Application of Solar Energy in Arid Lands

ByJ.I.B. Wilson

part IV

Assessing Technologies and Interdisciplinary Research

chapter 18|28 pages

The Management of Technology: Old and New Perspectives

ByHarold A. Linstone

chapter 19|19 pages

Social Assessment of Technology

ByFrancois Hetman

chapter 20|39 pages

Technology Assessment in Arid Land Renewable Resource Development: Guayule in Mexico*

ByE. Campos, J. García, E. Neavez, K. E. Foster, B. K. Mortensen, J. Taylor