In this comprehensive analysis of India's cultural patterns and processes, the authors address both the diversity and the unity of India's culture, emphasizing the spatial distribution of cultural forms.

chapter 1|28 pages

The Culture of India in Spatial Perspective: an Introduction

ByAshok K. Dutt, Allen G. Noble

chapter 2|15 pages

The Spatial Variation of Indian Literacy

ByGurdev S. Gosal

chapter 3|23 pages

The City as Jungle in the Indo-English Novel

ByJanet P. Gemmill

chapter 4|12 pages

Urban Environment and Citizen Perception: the Calcutta Experience

ByDebnath Mookherjee

chapter 6|20 pages

Rural House Types and Village Settlement Patterns

ByAsok Mitra

chapter 8|18 pages

Indian Dance: Classical Unity and Regional Variation

ByManjusri Chaki-Sircar, Parbati K. Sircar

chapter 9|30 pages

The Geography of Folk Art in India

ByE. Cotton Mather, P.P. Karan

chapter 10|26 pages

The Architecture and Organization of Kerala Style Hindu Temples

ByWilliam Α. Noble

chapter 11|25 pages

Patterns of Religious Diversity

ByAshok K. Dutt, Satish Davgun

chapter 14|13 pages

Cultural Patterns and Health and Disease in India

ByAndrew T. A. Learmonth, Rais Akhtar

chapter 15|23 pages

Diet and Disease: Some Cultural Aspects of Food Use in India

ByAninda Κ Chakravarti

chapter 16|12 pages

Patterns of Indian Pastoralism

ByRichard P. Palmieri

chapter 17|18 pages

Cultural Ecology of Rural Settlements in the Chandigarh Dun Region

ByA. B. Mukerji

chapter 18|12 pages

Decision-Making Groups and Agrarian Spatial Change

ByBrian J. Murton

chapter 19|7 pages

The Cultural Geography of India in Perspective

ByAshok Κ. Dutt, Allen G. Noble