This book covers the main practical elements of doing business with the Japanese. It gives the reader sufficient background to understand and associate with the Japan of the 1980s as well as support him with the know-how for searching out and grasping the rich opportunities that lie ahead.

section Section I|9 pages

Understanding the Japanese

chapter 1|4 pages

The Logic Gap

ByMartyn Naylor

chapter 2|5 pages

Japan’s Unique Group Dynamic

ByGregory Clark

section Section II|19 pages

The New Industrial Policies of Japan

chapter 3|12 pages

Japanese Industries To 1985

ByShinzo Katada

chapter 4|8 pages

Japan And The New Industrial Countries Of East Asia

ByCharles Smith

section Section III|56 pages

Approaches to the Market

chapter 5|8 pages

Working With Japan’s Free Market Structure

ByGene Gregory

chapter 6|4 pages

Pointers To Success And Failure

BySadao Oba

chapter 7|17 pages

Japan’s New Superconsumers

ByTeruyasu Murakami

chapter 8|7 pages

Rationalising The Distribution System

ByMasao Okamoto

chapter 9|5 pages

The Value Of Market Research

ByAndrew Watt

chapter 10|9 pages

The Role And Application Of Advertising

ByDavid Gribbin

chapter 11|6 pages

The Japanese Housewife: A Marketing Appraisal

ByGeorge Fields

chapter 12|3 pages

Marketing Tailpiece: The ‘Tranny’ And The Fridge

ByMasaaki Imai

section Section IV|24 pages

Finance and the Banks

chapter 13|10 pages

The Japanese And Their Changing Economic Environment*

ByJ.E.W. Kirby

chapter 14|4 pages

Foreign Banks In Japan

ByJohn W. Robinson

chapter 15|5 pages

Services Of A Japanese Bank

ByKunihiko Kobayashi, Takashi Sugiyama

chapter 16|7 pages

Stocks, Securities And The Brokerage Market

BySimon Grove

section Section V|54 pages

Strategy & Management

chapter 17|7 pages

Aspects Of Japan’s Business Interrelationships

ByMichael Isherwood

chapter 18|16 pages

Management Style

ByRobert J. Ballon

chapter 19|6 pages

Japanese Trading Companies In Transition

BySadao Oba

chapter 20|19 pages

Joint Ventures

ByRobert J. Ballon

chapter 21|8 pages

Business And The Law

BySumio Takeuchi

section Section VI|27 pages

Adjusting to Japan

chapter 22|10 pages

Setting Up A Small Office

BySimon Grove

chapter 23|4 pages

Smiths Industries: A European Case-Study

ByJonathan Rice

chapter 24|7 pages

Etiquette And Behaviour

ByGeorge Fields

chapter 25|7 pages

Check Your Own Check-List

ByMichael Isherwood

chapter |6 pages


Reflections On Relationships
ByHelmut Morsbach