Celebrated as the father of modern bouldering, John Gill is an awe-inspiring climber with immense talent. This book provides an insight into the life of Gill as he developed into a world leading and climbing pioneer and an inspirational climber. He is a pioneer in his approach to bouldering with his impressive accomplishments, such as the one-arm f

chapter |4 pages


chapter |10 pages

The Thimble

chapter |6 pages

A Face in a Photograph

chapter |18 pages

A Profiled Position

chapter |3 pages

The Poetry of Mountaineering

chapter |3 pages

The Juggernaut

chapter |12 pages

Deliberating Poses

chapter |2 pages

Whispers of a Legend

chapter |4 pages

A Pair of Long Legs

chapter |6 pages

That Morning

chapter |2 pages

A Visit to Red Cross Rock

chapter |6 pages


chapter |8 pages

Miscellaneous Interchange

Obtained from write-ups, letters, phone calls, and first hand discussions

chapter |105 pages

A Chat with John Gill