The authors of this book address the major issues involved in developing and evaluating community-based delivery (CBD) healthcare services administered by nonmedical workers in developing countries. Ranging from a general discussion of integrated community-based programs to the prescription of dose regimens that nonmedical personnel can use in field situations, the contributions cover such topics as nutrition intervention, antihelminthics distribution, oral rehydration therapy, and the efficacy of existing programs designed to train those who administer these services.

chapter |17 pages

Editors' Overview

Edited ByMaria Wawer, Sandra Huffman, Deborah Cebula, Richard Osborn

part One|44 pages

Issues in Integration of Community-Based Distribution Programs

part Two|55 pages

Contraceptive Services in CBD Programs

part Three|63 pages

Adapting Oral Rehydration Therapy to CBD Programs

part Four|37 pages

Antihelminthics in CBD Programs

part Five|81 pages

Nutrition Activities in CBD Programs

chapter 13|37 pages

Nutrition Activities in Community-Based Projects

BySandra L. Huffman

chapter 14|12 pages

Community-Based Nutrition Programs

ByJon E. Rohde

chapter 16|15 pages

Nutrition, Family Planning and Health Components of the Guatemalan Program of Primary Health Care (SINAPS)

ByAaron Lechtig, John W. Townsend, Francisco Pineda, Juan Jose Arroyo, Robert E. Klein, Romeo de Leon

part Six|27 pages

Immunization in CBD Programs

chapter 17|17 pages


ByCiro A. de Quadros

part Seven|51 pages

Other Therapeutic Interventions

part Eight|40 pages

Training Issues and Strategies in CBD Programs

chapter 22|22 pages

Training CBD Workers for Family Planning and Health Interventions

ByArchie S. Golden, Maria J. Wawer, Mary Anne Mercer

chapter 23|10 pages

Research Program for the Training of Rural Health Promoters (PRINAPS)

ByDanilo Aldana, J. Romeo de Leon Mendez

part Nine|21 pages

Evaluation and Research

chapter 26|11 pages

Operations Research in Primary Health Care

ByJames R. Heiby