This book seeks to clarify U.S. security interests in Central America and reviews the evolution of U.S. foreign policy towards Central America. It summarizes the evolution of the Contadora process and U.S. attitudes towards the peace talks in Central America. .

part 1|79 pages

U.S. Security Interests in Central America

chapter 1|11 pages

U.S. Security Interests in Central America

ByMargaret Daly Hayes

chapter 2|36 pages

U.S. Security and Central America: Why Be So Concerned?

ByAlan L. Sternberger

part 2|75 pages

Reagan in Central America: Roll-back or Containment?

chapter 6|10 pages

Reagan and Congress: Consensus and Conflict in Central American Policy

ByRichard A. Nuccio

chapter 7|19 pages

Contadora and the U.S. Congress

ByCynthia Arnson

chapter 8|14 pages

The United States, Nicaragua, and Consensus Decision Making

ByRoy Gutman

part 3|21 pages

The Contadora Process

chapter 9|19 pages

Demystifying Contadora

BySusan Kaufman Purcell

part 4|33 pages


chapter 10|31 pages

The Failure of Diplomacy

ByBruce M. Bagley