This book presents articles that provide a detailed account on the role of Gorbachev in Soviet's future, political reform, educational reform, economy, military, policy toward the United States and Western Europe, and relations with the developing world. .

chapter 1|20 pages

Gorbachev and Reform: An Introduction

ByHerbert J. Ellison

chapter 2|23 pages

The Soviet Political Scene: The Era of Gorbachev?

ByArchie Brown

chapter 3|21 pages

The Soviet Future: Gorbachev and the Economy

ByRobert W. Campbell

chapter 4|25 pages

Gorbachev and the Soviet Military

BySergei Zamascikov

chapter 5|24 pages

Nationalities in the Soviet Future: Trends Under Gorbachev

ByDaniel C. Matuszewski

chapter 6|28 pages

The Paradoxes of Soviet Fiction in the 1980s

ByGeoffrey Α. Hosking

chapter 8|24 pages

Church and State Under Gorbachev: What to Expect?

ByD. V. Pospielovsky

chapter 10|19 pages

U.S.-Soviet Relations: Trends and Prospects

ByAlexander Dallin

chapter 11|21 pages

Gorbachev's Dilemmas in Eastern Europe

ByPedro Ramet

chapter 12|24 pages

Soviet Relations with the Developing World

ByPedro Ramet