This book is concerned with the multifaceted character of natural gas and the potential for its utilization as a powerful tool for future development. It deals with the specifics of gas uses in a number of sectors chosen for their relevance in the development of industrial economies.

chapter 1|31 pages

The Emergence of Natural Gas

ByNelson E. Hay

chapter 2|13 pages

The Economics of Natural Gas Development

ByAfsaneh Mashayekhi

chapter 3|57 pages

Natural Gas and the Environment

ByNelson E. Hay

chapter 4|13 pages

Natural Gas and Development: The Policy Issues for Developing Countries

BySergio C. Trindade

chapter 5|52 pages

Power Generation with Natural Gas-Fired Gas Turbines

ByRobert H. Williams, Eric D. Larson

chapter 6|48 pages

The Use of Natural Gas in the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry

ByWilliam F. Sheldrick

chapter 7|30 pages

Natural Gas and Natural Gas Liquids in the Chemical Industry

ByWalter Vergara

chapter 8|23 pages

Natural Gas as a Transportation Fuel

ByRobert J. Saunders, Rene Moreno

chapter 9|18 pages

Natural Gas Interchangeability with Other Fuels

ByCarl W. Hall