The role of industrial planning in trade is one of the most important areas of dispute between Mexico and the United States. The official U.S. stance stresses the dominance of the marketplace, while official Mexican industrial policy demands a large and active government role. Although the United States espouses free trade in theory, in practice it

part One|79 pages

Industrial Strategy

chapter 1|6 pages


BySidney Weintraub

chapter 2|38 pages

Industrial Policy in the United States

ByWilliam Diebold

chapter 3|13 pages

The New Industrialization Strategy in Mexico for the Eighties

ByRené Villarreal Arrambide

chapter 4|19 pages

Industrial Strategy in the United States and the Impact on Mexico

BySidney Weintraub

part Two|114 pages

Industry Studies

chapter 5|44 pages

The Petrochemical Industry in Mexico

ByFrancisco Barnés de Castro, Lars Christianson

chapter 6|29 pages

The Mexican Iron and Steel Industry

ByGerardo M. Bueno, Gustavo S. Cortés, Rafael R. Rubio

chapter 7|23 pages

Steel in Transition: Prospects for the U.S. and Mexican Industries

ByRobert Crandall

chapter 8|14 pages

The U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry: Emerging Trends and Impacts on Mexico

ByNeil D. Schuster

part Three|33 pages

The Border Region

chapter 9|6 pages

Industry on the Northern Border of Mexico

ByJosè Luis Fernández, Jesús Tamayo

chapter 10|25 pages

Industry on the Southern Border of the United States

ByJerry R. Ladman

part Four|35 pages

Complementation and Conflict

chapter 11|13 pages

A United States View

ByClark Reynolds

chapter 12|19 pages

A Mexican View

ByFrancisco Javier Alejo