This book is a collection of short stories by third generation feminists, covering major issues in a young woman's life: awakening sexuality, biological and psychological landmarks, family rejection and rebellion, child abduction and abuse, gender identification, and sexual harassment.

chapter |5 pages

Steal Away

ByDorothy Allison

chapter |19 pages

Talk to Me Jenny

ByKaren E. Bender

chapter |6 pages

The Long Way Home

ByJulie Blackwomon

chapter |12 pages

When the Year Grows Old

ByAmy Bloom

chapter |10 pages

Here Nor There

ByMarusya Bociurkiw

chapter |13 pages

The Death of Napoleon: Its Influence on History

ByRebecca Brown

chapter |1 pages

My Name

BySandra Cisneros

chapter |11 pages

The Missing Peace

ByEdwidge Danticat

chapter |11 pages

Where the River Meets the Rain

ByLisa Harris

chapter |2 pages

Such a Tomboy

BySusan Hawthorne

chapter |14 pages


ByPam Houston

chapter |16 pages

What Means Switch

ByGish Jen

chapter |10 pages


ByPagan Kennedy

chapter |6 pages

For Widgit Stands

ByBinnie Kirshenbaum

chapter |16 pages

Is It Sexual Harassment Yet?

ByCris Mazza

chapter |3 pages

from Bombay Talkie

ByAmeena Meer

chapter |4 pages

Women's Rites

ByLesléa Newman

chapter |9 pages

from Bone

ByFae Myenne Ng

chapter |15 pages


ByBeth Nugent

chapter |8 pages

from A Feather on the Breath of God

BySigrid Nunez

chapter |13 pages

We Came All the Way from Cuba So You Could Dress Like This?

for Nena
ByAchy Obejas

chapter |6 pages

from When I Was Puerto Rican

ByEsmeralda Santiago

chapter |7 pages

The Penis Story

BySarah Schulman

chapter |17 pages

The Dangerous Beauty of the Open Road

ByEllen Shea

chapter |7 pages


ByCharlotte Watson Sherman

chapter |5 pages

from Coffee Will Make You Black

ByApril Sinclair

chapter |7 pages

The Elf and the Fairy

(Siddalee, 1963)
ByRebecca Wells

chapter |15 pages

The Sweetheart Is In

ByS. L. Wisenberg

chapter |9 pages

from Kitchen

ByBanana Yoshimoto

chapter |3 pages

Blood Oranges

ByShay Youngblood