Agricultural trade, always a source of international friction, will remain a contentious issue in the years to come. The GATT agreement achieved only partial trade liberalization; recognizing this, the agreement calls for a continuation of the negotiation process to achieve the long-run goal of a “substantial reduction in agricultural support and protection.†In any case, it is clear that U.S.-European Union (EU) agricultural trade relations will remain central to any future negotiation. In this volume, leading experts present a comprehensive set of analyses of the U.S.-EU agricultural trade conflict. The discussions provide a unique perspective on the U.S.-EU agricultural trade confrontation in recent years and offer insights into both the final GATT agreement and forthcoming agricultural issues. Presenting a broad historical context, the book focuses on changes in U.S. and European trade and agricultural policies, looking at the implications of these changes for bilateral relations and global agricultural markets. Providing U.S., EU, and third-party perspectives, the contributors analyze the negotiation process in the Uruguay Round of the GATT. Finally, the book explores several additional dimensions of the U.S.-EU agricultural trade conflict, including the consequences of the EU integration and enlargement processes, the environmental impact of the Union’s agricultural policies, and the mechanisms and forces that determine agricultural policy formation in both the United States and in Europe.

chapter 1|39 pages

Agricultural Policy Changes, GATT Negotiations, and the U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Conflict

ByGiovanni Anania, Colin A. Carter, Alex F. McCalla

part One|27 pages

U.S.-E.C. Trade Relations in a Changing Global Context

chapter 2|21 pages

U.S.-E.C. Trade Relations in a Changing Global Context

ByRobert E. Baldwin

chapter |4 pages


ByPier Carlo Padoan

part Two|54 pages

U.S. Agricultural and Trade Policies and Their Implications for U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Relations

chapter 3|26 pages

U.S. Domestic Policy and U.S.-E.C. Trade

ByBruce L. Gardner

chapter |3 pages


ByGiancarlo Moschini

chapter |2 pages


ByNadia Cuffaro

part Three|110 pages

Changes in the Common Agricultural Policy and Their Implications for U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Relations

chapter 5|34 pages

Nature and Causes of CAP: Changes in the 1980s and a Tentative Exploration of Potential Scenarios

ByMichele De Benedictis, Fabrizio De Filippis, Luca Salvatici

chapter |4 pages


ByRichard R. Barichello

chapter 6|31 pages

The CAP Reform and E.C.-U.S. Relations: The GATT as a Cap on the CAP

ByHervé Guyomard, Louis P. Mahé, Terry L. Roe, Secondo Tarditi

chapter |5 pages


ByWalter H. Gardiner

chapter |4 pages


BySpiro E. Stefanou

part Four|63 pages

GATT Negotiations and North American-European Agricultural Trade Relations

chapter |4 pages


ByLuca Salvatici

chapter 9|15 pages

The U.S.-E.C. Confrontation in the GATT from an E.C. Perspective: What Did We Learn?

ByEckart Guth, Tonia Pankopf

chapter |4 pages


ByGeorge E. Rossmiller

chapter 10|24 pages

U.S.-E.C. Farm Trade Confrontation: An Outsider’s View

ByKym Anderson

chapter |5 pages


ByBrian S. Fisher

part Five|14 pages

U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Relations: Where Do We Go from Here?

chapter 11|12 pages

U.S.-E.C Agricultural Trade Relations: Where Do We Go from Here?

ByTim Josling, Michel Petit

part Six|248 pages

Additional Dimensions in Agricultural Policy Changes and North American-European Agricultural Trade Relations

chapter 12|27 pages

GATT and CAP Reform: Different, Similar, or Redundant?

ByMichael D. Helmar, William H. Meyers, Dermot J. Hayes

chapter 13|24 pages

U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Relations and the Uruguay Round: A Cairns Group Perspective

ByDavid Vanzetti, Neil Andrews, Susan Hester, Brian S. Fisher

chapter 14|21 pages

Agricultural Trade and Policy for Central and East Europe

ByLarry Karp, Spiro E. Stefanou

chapter 15|16 pages

Set-aside Policy and Programs in the EEC

ByGiuseppe Barbero, Annalisa Zezza

chapter 17|17 pages

Dairy Policy Choice in the United States and the European Community

ByMary A. Marchant, Steven A. Neff, Mei Xiao

chapter 18|21 pages

Agribusiness and U.S.-E.C. Agricultural Trade Policy

ByMarina Mastrostefano

chapter 19|22 pages

Bringing U. S. Sugar Policy into the GATT

ByJonathan Brooks

chapter 20|21 pages

The Relationship Between Selected Agricultural and Environmental Policies in the European Community

ByDale Leuck, Stephen Haley, Peter Liapis

chapter 21|21 pages

New Dimensions in World Fisheries: Implications for U.S. and E.C. Trade in Seafood

ByCathy Roheim Wessells, Petter Wallström