This volume challenges the assumption that Muslims in India constitute a homogeneous community. Focusing specifically on gender issues, the contributors instead locate the Muslim womens community within the social, economic, and political developments that have taken place in the subcontinent, pre- and post-Independence, in order to examine how the

chapter |21 pages

Reading and Writing about Muslim Women in British India

ByBarbara D. Metcalf

chapter |16 pages

Gender and the Politics of Space: the movement for women's reform, 1857-1900*

ByFaisal Fatehali Devji

chapter |21 pages

Defining Women through Legislation

ByShahida Lateef

chapter |15 pages

Minority Identity, State Policy and the Political Process

ByZoya Hasan

chapter |22 pages

Identity Politics, Secularism and Women: a South Asian perspective

ByAmrita Chhachhi

chapter |12 pages

The Constitution and Muslim Personal Law

ByKirti Singh

chapter |19 pages

Preserving Identity: a case study of Palitpur 1

ByHuma Ahmed-Ghosh

chapter |14 pages

Urdu, Awadh and the Tawaif: the Islamicate roots of Hindi cinema

ByMukul Kesavan