This book uses the most comprehensive survey and case research available on the administrative and subnational policy aspects of the New Federalism. It presents readers with both summary and critical analyses of the management responses and adjustments throughout the fifty states in the U.S.

part One|71 pages

Overview of the New Federalism

chapter 1|12 pages

An Organizational-Administrative View of Federalism

ByJames A. Stever, Lewis G. Bender

chapter 3|31 pages

Reagan Federalism: Goals and Achievements

ByRichard S. Williamson

part Two|131 pages

Administrative Impacts on Subnational Governments

chapter 5|28 pages

State Managerial Responses to the New Federalism

ByPaul Posner

chapter 6|36 pages

The Texas Response to Reagan's New Federalism Program: The Early Years

BySusan A. MacManus, Robert M. Stein, V. Howard Savage

chapter 7|22 pages

Small Cities' Policy Responses to the New Federalism

ByBeverly A. Cigler

chapter 8|21 pages

New Federalism and Capital Budgets: The Case of Tulsa, Oklahoma

ByRaymond A. Rosenfeld, Alan W. Frankle

part Four|54 pages

Management Implications and Needed Reforms

chapter 13|34 pages

The New Federalism and Intergovernmental Problem Solving

ByRobert Agranoff, Valerie Lindsay Rinkle

chapter 14|19 pages

The Condition and Course of the System

ByDavid B. Walker