This book analyzes the impact of thirty years of labor migration from the Mediterranean region and from Finland to western and northern continental Europe. The authors consider the effects on the host countries of the role foreign migrants play in host countries economies, the formation of new ethnic communities, choices made concerning the educati



part One

The Migrants’ Role in the Economies, Societies, and Polities of the Receiving Countries

part Two

The Second Generation of Migrants

chapter 7|24 pages

Second-Generation Foreigners in France

ByAndré Lebon

chapter 8|25 pages

Second-Generation Migrants in the Federal Republic of Germany

ByUrsula Mehrländer

part Three

The Migrants’ Effects on the Sending Countries

chapter 10|23 pages

Impact of Labor Migration on the Turkish Economy

ByKutlay Ebiri

chapter 11|31 pages

Intra-European Migration and Regional Development: Spain and Portugal

ByDavid D. Gregory, José Cazorla Pérez

chapter 12|22 pages

Emigration and Development in Algeria: Doubts and Dilemmas

ByStephen Adler



chapter 13|16 pages

Western Europe in the 1980s: The End of Immigration?

ByRosemarie Rogers