China Briefing, 1985 approaches the events of the previous year providing a long-term perspective on the dramatic developments of spring and summer 1984. Senior China specialists examine the student demonstrations and their aftermath in the larger context of the 40-year history of the People's Republic of China and also reflect on future directions

chapter 1|17 pages

Domestic Politics

ByDavid Bachman

chapter 2|19 pages

Foreign Relations

ByMichael B. Yahuda

chapter 3|14 pages

Social Ferment: Grumbling Amidst Growth

ByElizabeth J. Perry

chapter 4|13 pages


ByBarry J. Naughton

chapter 5|23 pages


ByPeter J. Seybolt

chapter 6|12 pages

New Directions in Chinese Science and Technology

ByRichard P. Suttmeier

chapter 7|13 pages

Taiwan in 1985: Quest for a Brighter Day

ByParris H. Chang