While all instances of insurgency have elements in common, the circumstances that precipitate them and the forms they take vary immensely. The editors of this book synthesize the literature on insurgency to provide an analytical framework that outlines categories of insurgent movements (secessionist, revolutionary, restorational, reactionary, conse

chapter 1|44 pages

Insurgency: A Framework for Analysis

ByBard E. O'Neill

chapter 2|42 pages

The Irish Republican Army and Northern Ireland

ByDon Mansfield

chapter 3|22 pages

People's War in Thailand

ByWilliam R. Heaton, Richard MacLeod

chapter 4|28 pages

The Guatemalan Insurrection

ByVincente Collazo-Davila

chapter 5|54 pages

Urban Terrorism in Uruguay: The Tupamaros

ByJames Miller

chapter 6|22 pages

Iraq: The Kurdish Rebellion

ByPaul R. Viotti

chapter 7|22 pages

Revolutionary War in Oman

ByBard E. O'Neill

chapter 8|33 pages

Armed Struggle in Angola

ByDonald J. Alberts

chapter 9|14 pages

Summary and Conclusions

Edited ByBard E. O'Neill, William R. Heaton, Donald J. Alberts