This rich collection of original essays pays tribute to Stanley Hoffmann, a preeminent scholar of international relations and French politics who has inspired former students to explore the links between domestic society and foreign policy and between theory and practice. In two autobiographical chapters, Hoffmann traces his personal odyssey from F

part One|87 pages

Perspectives on Teaching and Scholarship

chapter 1|16 pages

A Retrospective on World Politics

ByStanley Hoffmann

chapter 2|28 pages

To Be or Not to Be French

ByStanley Hoffmann

chapter 3|14 pages

Reflections on an Ideal Influence

ByMichael Joseph Smith, Linda B. Miller

chapter 4|13 pages

Teaching Ideologies with Stanley

ByJudith N. Shklar

chapter 5|10 pages

Stanley Hoffmann as Teacher

ByHugh Collins

chapter 6|4 pages

Retracing Steps Backwards

ByDiana Pinto

part Two|91 pages

Managing the Unmanageable: Choices in an Anarchic Milieu

chapter 7|17 pages

Sovereignty, Interdependence, and International Institutions

ByRobert O. Keohane

chapter 8|19 pages

Democracy and Deterrence: What Have They Done to Each Other?

ByJosef Joffe

chapter 9|17 pages

Ethics and Intervention

ByJoseph S. Nye

chapter 10|18 pages

The Just-War Ethic Revisited

ByJ. Bryan Hehir

chapter 11|18 pages

Superpower Peacemaking, 1945–1989

BySaadia Touval

part Three|80 pages

State and Society: Change and Constraints

part Four|69 pages

Recapturing the Past: Beliefs and Believers

part Five|84 pages

Imagining Alternative Futures

chapter 21|26 pages

Sovereignty and Citizenship: The Old France and the New Europe

ByAnne Sa’adah

chapter 22|17 pages

Feminism and Foreign Policy

ByMona Harrington

chapter 23|19 pages

International Law and the Use of Force: Beyond Regime Theory

ByFrancis A. Boyle

chapter 24|20 pages

International Relations: Still an American Social Science?

ByMiles Kahler