China Briefing, 1989 approaches the events of the previous year differently from past volumes in the series, providing a long-term perspective on the dramatic developments of spring and summer 1988. Senior China specialists examine the student demonstrations and their aftermath in the larger context of the 40-year history of the People's Republic o

chapter |5 pages


ByAnthony J. Kane

chapter 1|19 pages

Politics: Reform at the Crossroad

ByAndrew J. Nathan

chapter 2|22 pages

The Chinese Economy in 1988

ByBruce L. Reynolds

chapter 3|18 pages

Foreign Policy in 1988: Resolving Old Conflicts

BySteven I. Levine

chapter 4|20 pages

"Going to the World": Art and Culture on the Cosmopolitan Tide

ByRalph Croizier

chapter 5|22 pages

Taiwan in 1988: The Transition to a Post-Chiang World

ByThomas B. Gold

chapter 6|17 pages

China and the United States: From "Special" to "Normal" Relations

ByPaul H. Kreisberg