Berkeley’s critique of abstract ideas in the Introduction to Principles of Human Knowledge has provoked a great deal of commentary of various sorts. This anthology, first published in 1989, presents a selection of historically important and philosophically interesting discussions on Berkeley’s theories.

chapter |30 pages

IX.—Locke’s Theory of Universals.

ByR. I. Aaron

chapter |23 pages

Berkeley’s “Notion” of Spiritual Substance

ByRobert Merrihew Adams

chapter |15 pages

Bishop Berkeley’s Petitio

ByHenry E. Allison

chapter |16 pages

Margaret Atherton

Berkeley’s Anti-Abstractionism
ByWillis Doney

chapter |14 pages

IV.—Berkeley on “Abstract Ideas”

ByMonroe C. Beardsley

chapter |22 pages

Martha Brandt Bolton

Berkeley’s Objection to Abstract Ideas and Unconceived Objects
ByWillis Doney

chapter |14 pages

Berkeley’s Attack on Abstract Ideas

ByWillis Doney

chapter |14 pages

Berkeley’s Argument against Abstract Ideas

ByWillis Doney

chapter |20 pages

Berkeley on Abstraction

ByDaniel E. Flage

chapter |16 pages


Abstract Ideas and Images.
ByE. J. Furlong, C. A. Mace, D. J. O’Connor, E. J. Furlong

chapter |16 pages

Abstract ideas and the ‘esse is percip’ thesis

ByGeorge S. Pappas

chapter |6 pages

‘Abstract Ideas’ and Immaterialism

ByRobinson Howard M.

chapter |8 pages


Two lines of argumentation in Berkeley’s Principles: a reply to
ByPappas George s.

chapter |20 pages

The Philosophical Quarterly

Berkeley’s Theory of Abstract Ideas
ByC. C. W. Taylor

chapter |18 pages

Berkeley on Abstract Ideas

ByKenneth P. Winkler

chapter |8 pages

Berkeley’s Doctrine of Notions and Theory of Meaning *

ByA. D. Woozley