First published in 1989. The oil crises of the 1970s and increasing international competitive pressures had profoundly changed the structure and performance of labour. Analysis of labour markets, and especially international comparisons, can be difficult, given the differences between definitions, scope, coverage of data, methods, presentation, and economic and social influence in different regions. This book is an invaluable guide for users of international labour statistics. It centralizes and co-ordinates, from a range of sources, basic statistical information regarding the labour force for a large number of countries.

Individual chapters, by specialists in the particular subject areas, deal with eight key aspects relating to the labour markets of major, developed capitalist countries (OECD countries); working population, unemployment, wages, consumer prices, labour costs, hours of work, trade union membership, and industrial disputes. The book discusses the nature of the data sources and statistical compilations, highlights cross-national trends over the past fifteen years, outlines the inherent difficulties of making such cross-country comparisons, and points out the potential pitfalls of interpretation of which users are often insufficiently aware. The book includes a summary of key labour market data, on an individual country basis, for twenty-four OECD countries and twenty other countries.

part 1|1 pages

A guide to the use of labour statistics

chapter 1|15 pages

Labour Statistics in International Perspective

ByR. Bean

chapter 2|32 pages

Working Population and Employment

ByPaul Blyton

chapter 3|27 pages


ByJames J. Hughes

chapter 4|21 pages

Wages and Earnings

ByK. Holden

chapter 5|15 pages

Consumer Prices

ByK. Holden

chapter 6|14 pages

Labour Costs

ByGeorge F. Ray

chapter 7|19 pages

Hours of Work

ByPaul Blyton

chapter 8|36 pages

Trade Union Membership

ByR. Price

chapter 9|21 pages

Industrial Disputes

ByS. Creigh

part 2|1 pages

Labour statistics for individual countries

chapter 10|50 pages

Labour Statistics for Twenty-Four OECD Countries

Edited ByR. Bean

chapter 11|35 pages

Labour Statistics * for Twenty Non-OECD Countries

Edited ByR. Bean

chapter Appendix|4 pages

Membership of the International Trade Secretariats

Edited ByR. Bean