Mobilizing Knowledge in Physiotherapy: Critical Reflections on Foundations and Practices is a collection of 15 collaboratively written critical essays, by 39 authors from 15 disciplines and seven countries. The book challenges some of the most important contemporary assumptions about physiotherapy knowledge, and makes the case for much more critical theory, practice, and education in physiotherapy health and social care. 

The book challenges the kinds of thinking that have traditionally bounded the profession and highlights the ways in which knowledge is now increasingly fluid, complex, and diffuse. The collection engages a range of critical social theories and interdisciplinary perspectives from within and without the profession.  It includes sections focusing on evidence, practice, patient perspectives, embodiment, culture, diversity, digital worlds, and research methods. The book makes an important contribution to how we think about mobilizing knowledge, and it speaks to a diverse audience of academics, practitioners, educators, policy-makers, and students - both within physiotherapy and from a range of related health and social care disciplines.

This book will be a useful reference for scholars interested in conceptions of professional knowledge, and the theory of professional education and practice in physiotherapy and beyond.

chapter 2|20 pages

Beyond empathy

How physiotherapists and photographers learn to look

chapter 3|12 pages

Bodily ways of knowing

How students learn about and through bodies during physiotherapy education

chapter 10|12 pages

Disability as expertise

Mobilizing a critique of school-based physical therapy for integrating disability studies into physical therapy professionalization

chapter 12|12 pages

Finding the right track

Embodied reflecting teams for generous physiotherapy

chapter 14|15 pages

Using Deleuze

Language, dysphasia, and physiotherapy